House with canal view in Istanbul

Channel home overlooking Istanbul: Istanbul Channel before starting the construction of the 'canal view' başlandı.türki houses for sale republic will celebrate the 91 years age. In the last year, 'crazy projects' such as Marmaray, 3rd Airport and Kanal Istanbul are taking their place on the agenda of the country intensely. Each new project also changes the atmosphere of the region. According to Hürriyet's report, the expropriations for the 3rd Airport are one of the clearest indicators of this. Kanal Istanbul was one of the most controversial projects. It was announced that the route of the channel Istanbul, which was announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan before the general elections of 12 June 2011, would start from Istanbul Silivri. Later, the place where this plan would start was changed to Küçükçekmece.


In Küçükçekmece Kanarya neighborhood, Baba Oğul İnşaat is in preparation for construction with Kapanarya Gold houses. Although there is no channel in the middle, the construction company sells its houses as 'Canal Istanbul view'. The construction of these houses has not yet started. The project is currently in the process of collecting documents. Kanal Istanbul project has not started yet. In his speech in Lyon, Prime Minister Erdoğan said that the tender phase would be passed shortly.
We asked Ali İhsan Koç, owner of the construction company Baba Oğul, who answered the questions of about the issue, whether there was a commercial risk to sell houses with a view of the Canal Istanbul. Because the construction of the channel has not yet started. Koç asked the question soru The project is actually over. 1 years ago, the parallel structure was not able to pass through the land in Silivri. That's why he goes through Kucukcekmece. I don't have any doubts that the channel will be built in Istanbul. Kanal

Koç stated that the project they are about to carry out has nothing to do with the channel, ığ I don't have a job here with the channel. 3 in the channel ends after 5 year after year does not know whether or not. Kapanarya Gold houses will be built in Kucukcekmece Canary Neighborhood. The project is currently underway.

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