BursaRay Kestel Line opened (Photo Gallery-Video)

BursaRay Kestel Line is opened: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's uninterrupted and comfortable transportation to the city's east to meet with the program is not in the program, but the last three stations of Bursaray Kestel line began the journey with a ceremony. Cumalıkızık, Değirmenönü and Kestel stations were added to the uninterrupted and comfortable transportation network after Mimar Sinan-Orhangazi University, Hacıvat, Şirinevler and Otosansit stations on the east side of the city.

Bursa's iron last 9 began journey time on the station to be built with networks with the aim of the 7 kilometers Bursaray Gorukle and labor lines after comfortable transportation in the city's east side stops by bringing together in order 8 implemented in 3 kilometers Kestel line. Since Arabayatağı station 8 binxnumx meters from arrival to departure line with the first 100 station Architects Sinan- Orhangazi University, Hacıvat, Şirinevler and Otosansit stations, Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc was inaugurated at the beginning of March at a ceremony also attended. The last three stations of the line, Cumalıkızık, Değirmenönü and Kestel stations, have opened the stations with the ceremony. Kestel ceremony Metropolitan Mayor held at Station Recep Altepe'nin as well as Kestel Governor Cemil imperfect, Lightning Mayor Ismail Hakki Edebali, Kestel Mayor Yen Acer, Gürsu Mayor Cuneyt Stars, Iznik Mayor Osman Sargın, the AK Party provincial chairman Cemalettin Torun and many guests attended.

The face of Ankara road changed
Bursaray Kestel line, new interchanges and bridge manufacturing beyond a rail manufacturing, guardrail and lighting with Ankara path of the face completely alter a special project he recalled that President Altepe, "This project began, 'what if the city's west east will be' we said. Many people did not believe. However, the station manufacturing, escalators, lifts and stations were built in a very modern way. There are no more than downstream stations in the west. With this project, quality came to the east of the city. When we took office, the number of passengers per day was about 110 thousand. With our new lines and wagons, we increased this number to 270 thousand. When we increase the number of voyages together with the stations we have opened today, this number will be increased to a thousand. Together with the new wagons we will get this number soon, even 350 million 1 thousand will find.

The longest line in Turkey
Although not in the program after the completion of Kestel line they are projecting Turkey's longest continuous line in voicing saves Bursa President Altepe, with lines in total 31 kilometers long between Kestel with Gorukle eastern Bursa western Uludag University and Technical University he was also noted that interconnected. Reminding that the rail system investment on the Kestel line has reached 120 million, Mayor Altepe emphasized that the city's Ankara entrance has a modern appearance with its crossroads and road arrangements, tethers, lighting and landscaping.

Walking distance to half of the population
The Mayor of Kestel, Yener Acar, thanked the Mayor Altepe for the purpose of bringing the comfortable transportation to the district of Kestel. The distance from Kestel Station to Kestel City Hall is 550 meters, Bursa Street, Kurtuluş Caddesi and the distance to Kale Mahallesi in the north. Acar said that kuzey ”It will come to the station and it will be able to reach both the university and the center of Bursa with a single vehicle ve.
Mayor of Gürsu Cüneyt Yıldız stated that they always saw the support of Metropolitan Municipality by their side and thanked Mayor Altepe.
President Altepe and his entourage became the first passengers to travel on the wagon moving from the line.





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