Bursa New Cable Car Line 50 Percent Discount on Public Day

Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe
Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe

The cable car, which is the symbol of Bursa, started its journeys with its new face. Inviting the people of Bursa to the cable car, Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe said, “Our flights will continue for 12 months and the prices will not change. "There will be no one who does not see Uludağ," he said.

Since the 1963 between Bursa and Uludağ, the cable car line, which has been transporting millions of people to Uludağ to date, started its flights with its renewed face after 19 month. The last time on the old ropeway line, which had been serving for almost half a century and had difficulty in meeting the demand due to the fatigue of the years, was made on 1 November 2012. Completely removed lines and cabins, redesigned in accordance with today's technology. The first stage of the new ropeway line consisting of modern gondola-type cabins, Teferrüç-Sarıalan, was completed and started its flights today.

With the new system, the difficult and troublesome travel conditions left the place to comfort. Previously, the 40 cabins that could not travel in the wind blowing in the direction of 80 were replaced by cabs running at the wind speed of 19. Every XNUMX would not wait for a row of cabs with a shield every second.

Despite the opening ceremony that was canceled due to weather opposition, many citizens flocked to the ropeway from the young to the elderly. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who made the expedition to Teferrüç - Sarıalan together with the citizens, said: Our stations and booths work at full capacity. According to the former capacity increased 50 floor, Esk he said.


Altepe, expressing his happiness for opening the renovated ropeway line, where local people and foreign tourists are waiting impatiently, said, turist No longer will there be long queues. When our citizens arrive, they will have the opportunity to travel in more comfortable cabins than before. He's not going to be standing and jammed like he used to. In 8 cabinets, our citizens will arrive at Sarıalan Station from Teferrüç in 15 minutes. X


Altepe pointed out that the tourist capacity of Bursa has increased in recent years and continued as follows:

Di In the past, local and foreign tourists waited hours for the ropeway. As it is seen here, Arab tourists are already used to the ropeway here and at the summit. Because Arab tourists want to go to Uludag every day and get fresh air. They were also experiencing great hardship. But now they will have the opportunity to reach Uludağ in 15 minutes. With the end of the rainfall, Uludag will be chirping. This will add great value to Bursa and Turkey's economy. "


Expressing that 95 percent of Bursa's people do not climb Uludağ, Altepe addressed the people of Bursa who do not use the cable car. Stating that they provide service with the prices one and a half years ago, Altepe said, “We will continue to transport the citizens to Uludağ with the tariff we lost. Although the investor company has invested 30 million liras, it continues to carry 20 lira round trips. Because from the version kazanhe's eating. But we always have discounts for our elderly and children. In addition, our citizens will be able to travel on Wednesday, which we call the People's Day, with a 50 percent discount. In other words, a person from here will both go and return to the summit of Uludağ for 10 liras.”

With the opening of the cable car to go to Uludag citizens flocking to the ticket prices is quite appropriate, he said.

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