Bridge with elevator for the disabled

A bridge with a lift for people with disabilities is being constructed on the road to the city of Canakkale. The bridge which is connected to the Lapseki district of Çanakkale is built on the Bursa-İzmir highway, which is connected to the town of Lapseki, for both pedestrians and disabled people.
The bridge, which was awarded by the General Directorate of Bursa Roads, was under construction. The engineers working in the firm receiving the tender said in a statement, mimari The arched pedestrian crossing made by taking examples from the architectural works of the Ottoman period is being constructed. The most important feature of this pedestrian crossing is the integration of the elevator system and the disability of our disabled citizens will be eliminated. Disabled citizens will be able to cross the street comfortably. The center median will be pulled from the fence in order to ensure the safety of the pedestrian. It will appeal to both the students going to school and the pedestrians who want to move to the city center. The arch type bridge in the Ottoman architecture will have a very elegant and aesthetic appearance. They will serve for many years thanks to the bridging strength of the galvanized coating.

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