Battalgazi Municipality Provides Speed ​​to Asphalt Works

Battalgazi Municipality Accelerated Asphalt Works: In Malatya, Battalgazi Municipality continues its asphalt works.
Battalgazi municipality teams deteriorating roads repair work and the headquarters of Başharık 7 street also continues the hot asphalting works uninterrupted.
Battalgazi Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, Malatyali comfortable and live in a peaceful environment for the asphalting works continue, stating that they will continue their asphalting work within the program determined according to the order of urgency, he said.
Gürkan, asına Asphalt poured into a street in order to prevent the excavation of the first sub-structure, we pay attention to. My instructions are also in this direction, unless there are extreme situations, asphalt paved streets will not be excavated. Talimat

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