The lowest bid in asphalt tender is from İZBETON

The lowest bid in asphalt tender is from İZBETON: This time there was no crisis in the asphalt tender, which was faced by the loss of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's municipal company İZBETON in the past years. Among the 5 companies participating in the asphalting tender, the lowest bid came from İZBETON.
İZBETON made a bid of 900 million 428 thousand TL in the tender covering the 769-day process, which includes the activities of “asphalting, maintenance, repair and renovation of transportation routes” held today (Monday) in the Metropolitan Municipality. In the tender, the approximate cost of which was announced as 602 million 639 thousand TL, Açtılı İnşaat 498 million 347 thousand 729 TL, Z Yapı-Nil Yapı-Pekhan İnşaat - Mapek İnşaat Partnership 535 million 527 thousand 506 TL, Mürsel Yapı-Burkay Construction Partnership 599 million TL, Bel Beton Sanayi Ticaret-Genç İnşaat Partnership offered 618 million 994 thousand 947 TL. The decision will be announced after the Commission's assessment. If there is no objection, İZBETON will start asphalting works from the end of June.

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