Ankara-Istanbul YHT line may be delayed

The opening of the Ankara-Istanbul YHT line may be delayed: The railway management, which has undergone a great transformation in the direction of modernization, opens to the private sector.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan, signaling that they will take this step swiftly, said, "I don't know if it will reach this year, but we will open the railway management to the private sector."

Minister Elvan said that they started technical studies to open the railway operation to the private sector.

Elvan stated that freight transportation would be opened to the private sector and should work on passenger transportation and gave the following information about this important step to be taken:


We intend to open the railway management to the private sector. We will do the infrastructure, we will get rent by offering to their service. We need to model a model on how and how.

We look at what kind of additional regulations will be required, what are the examples in the world, which countries have been successful. Accordingly, we will draw up a road map and quickly engage the private sector in this business. Bus companies say 'open this to passengers too'. But our priority is freight transportation. Later, the passenger may also be on the agenda.


The biggest contribution of high speed trains to this country will be in freight transportation. It will contribute to increase the competition. These contribute to this country in freight transport rather than passenger transport. The line to Mersin is more about freight transport than passengers. You only carry passengers on High Speed ​​Trains.


Minister Elvan, the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line test drive continued, stating that Spanish engineers are very cautious about this issue, he said. Elvan emphasized that the security of the line is more important than anything, even if there is a short delay, the line will be opened, the signaling cable cessation of sabotage attempt is not yet reached a result, he said.


The regular trains 30-40 are going to speedly. On the high-speed train, the 200 can accelerate up to the kilometer. High-speed train lines are not transported, but the high-speed train line both freight and passenger transport can be done. 200-100 mileage can be reached when carrying passengers while carrying the 120 mileage and the load.

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