Airsea made its first flight to Bodrum

Airsea made its first flight to Bodrum: Burulaş, which reduced the distance between Bursa - Istanbul - Bursa to 20 minutes with seaplane flights, made the Istanbul - Bodrum and Bursa Bodrum flights, which it added to the flight route with the Airsea brand. The journey to Bodrum, which took 11 hours by road from Istanbul, was reduced to 1 hour and 45 minutes with Airsea. Burulaş Commercial Operations Manager Nihat Cenkçi stated that they successfully performed the first flight on the new route, and that flights will be made to Bodrum and Çeşme 4 days a week and to Bandırma every day.

Burulaş, who has established his own fleet in sea transportation as well as in sea transportation after separating from Seabird Airlines due to the problems arising from the company, has added Bandırma, Bordum and Çeşme to the transportation network of 8 3 208 Caravan-type aircraft with a capacity of 10.30. Every comfort with the flight operations at the time made with VIP aircraft Turkey's first seaplane pilots Fire Hanibu's doing that Bon owner, Burulaş continued on its way with Airsea brand, the first Istanbul - Bodrum voyage was completed successfully. 11.00 from Istanbul Haliç and 1 from Bursa Gemlik at 45 and after XNUMX hour XNUMX minutes journey, Bodrum landed in Yalikavak.

Bodrum, Yalikavak and Izmir Cesme flights, which will be held on 4 day of the week on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, are starting from 250 TL. The clock goes down to 7 minutes. The distance between Bursa and Cesme, which finds the 1 clock by road and between Bursa and Bodrum, which finds the 25 clock, will be covered by AirSea in less than two hours.
The price of the flights to Istanbul - Bandirma in the form of 3 flights every day of the week is determined as TL 150. 2,5 hours by sea, 6 hours by road, AirSea between Istanbul and Bandirma only goes down to 35 minutes.

Burulaş Commercial Enterprises Manager Nihat Cenkçi, reminding that the first time was done smoothly in Bodrum, new routes can be added to the flight route in accordance with the demands, he said.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 20:18

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