Village roads are being expanded in pain

The village roads are being expanded in the pain: The Special Provincial Administration of Ağrı is continuing its work to increase the stabilized village roads of 4 meters to 8 meters.
Cesim Gokce, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration said that the roads of the stabilized village were working towards making asphalt.
Giving information about the work done, Gökçe said, X While the two vehicles on the stabilized roads with a width of 4 meters are not possible to move side by side in the course of the journey, the roads have been expanded to be 8 meters and the standard of the roads has been increased. All these works are carried out with the vehicles, equipment, workers, operators and engineers of the Special Provincial Administration. Tüm
Gökçe also mentioned in the year 2014 activities; Tır In the 2014 season, the 12 km stabilized road was expanded, sanded and made ready for asphalt. In addition, between the village of Dedemaksut and the village of Yorgunsöğüt 5 kilometers, Dedemaksut village and Çobanbey village between the 10 kilometer and As.
Gokce stated that they made asphalt pavement bit asphalt with 340, giving priority to asphalt production studies in the last three years. Iş We are ready for asphalt construction by raising the standard of our low stabilized roads with its financial facilities and construction machinery in the renewed machine park. Efforts to improve the standard of roads are carried out by means of Special Provincial Administration without bidding and activities are carried out at a faster and lower cost. Yol



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