Adiyaman Nissibi Bridge Neared the End


The Nissibi Bridge, which is the third longest suspension bridge in Turkey and the foundation of which was laid two years ago, is approaching the end.

The 610 meter long Nissibi Bridge, which will connect Adıyaman to Diyarbakır and the east, opens to vehicle traffic in October. Governor Mahmoud Demirtas, the Bosporus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge after Turkey's third largest suspension bridge in Nissib built as the state of the bridge and the bridge going to the received information about the study was conducted.

Stating that the construction of the bridge has been eagerly awaited by the people of Adıyaman for years, Governor Mahmut Demirtaş said, “As it is known, the highway connecting Adıyaman and Diyarbakır with our eastern provinces has been under the dam lake due to the construction of the Atatürk Dam. and the construction of the bridge has been eagerly awaited by our people for years. As a result of the examinations we made today, I observed that the works on the bridge, whose foundation was laid 2 years ago, continue in a rapid manner and progress is made day by day. It is foreseen by the relevant company that the bridge will be completed and put into service in October.

When this bridge is finished, one of Turkey's most important works will be revealed. With the opening of the bridge to vehicle traffic, Adıyaman will no longer be a blind spot, and transportation will be provided in a very comfortable way. This will cause both socio-economic development and revival of tourism in Adıyaman.

Governor Demirtaş stated that with the launch of the Nissibi Bridge, which will be the crossing point of many provinces along with Adıyaman and Diyarbakır, the transportation in the region will be made more comfortable and safe.

Demirtaş stated that the bridge to be built will bring a serious vitality to the tourism economy of the region, considering the touristic values ​​and belief tourism of Adıyaman, as well as making a serious contribution to the country's economy by saving time and fuel.

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