A Section of Şanlıurfa-Diyarbakir Road is Closed to Traffic

Part of Şanlıurfa-Diyarbakir Road Is Closed to Traffic: It has been reported that a part of Şanlıurfa-Diyarbakır road will be closed to traffic.
A warning from the Şanlıurfa Police Department stated that due to the asphalt renewal works to be carried out on the Gap Boulevard on the Şanlıurfa-Diyarbakır road, it will be closed to traffic as part of the road. It has been announced that the route will not be allowed to be used by heavy vehicles and passenger buses between 18-07.00 and 09.00-16.00, in order to avoid disruption in traffic due to the shutdowns to traffic between Şenevler-Işıklı Junction - Agile Force-Işıklı Junction. In the statement, which was reported that heavy vehicles and passenger vehicles will be directed to alternative routes with signs and markers, drivers were also warned about signs and markers to be observed in order to avoid any traffic problems during the works and to watch them slowly.



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