Final Road Construction of Kütahya-Gediz-Uşak Highway

Kütahya-Gediz-Usak Highway Final Section of the Split Road Construction Started: Kütahya-Çavdarhisar-Gediz-Usak Highway 79 kilometers of the last part of the divided road construction began with a ceremony.
The construction site for the road construction works in Abide Village of Gediz District was held at the construction site.
Highways Bursa 14 who made a speech at the ceremony. Regional Director Oner Ozgur, Kutahya, which connects one of the most important axes of Izmir 125 kilometer Kütahya-Çavdarhisar-Gediz-Usak Highway in the second part of the road construction works will continue to be built in the village of Abed Gediz said.
Kütahya-Çavdarhisar 46 kilometer highway between the ongoing road works will be completed soon indicating that the highway 14 Bursa. Regional Director Oner Ozgur, the construction of the newly started Çavdarhisar-Gediz-Usak with the completion of the last section of the 79 kilometer will cost a total of 350 million pounds will be brought forward a more important way, he added.
AK Party deputy Soner Aksoy Kutahya, in his speech, the AK Party's success in the heart of the country to place one of the biggest factors in the split road projects, he said.
Deputy Soner Aksoy, who stated that 65 percent of the population of Kütahya lives in the regions going to Aslanapa, Çavdarhisar, Örencik, Aydıncık, Emet, Gediz, Simav, Pazarlar, Şaphane, Yenikent and Uşak on the road route, said that the Kütahya-Çavdarhisar-Gediz-Uşak Highway increasingly important kazanHe also reported that the flow rate is increasing rapidly.
Aks There were many services in Gediz. From school to natural gas, from TOKİ to ponds, I give importance to this road in many services. ”
Kütahya Governor Serif Yilmaz, one of the important projects that will change the fate of Kütahya Çavdarhisar-Gediz-Usak to realize the split road to live with the first knife Gedizliler said happiness.
Following the speeches, the victim was interrupted for the road, prayers were made and the first road work was started with construction machinery.
Ceremony of Highways Bursa 14. Regional Director Oner Ozgur, AK Party Deputy Kutahya Soner Aksoy, Kutahya Governor Serif Yilmaz, Gediz Governor Mehmet Yilmaz, Gediz Deputy Mayor Hakan Arpaci and citizens joined.

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