A couple of good suggestions for the new ropeway

A couple of good suggestions for the new ropeway of Uludağ: After a long run, the new ropeway is under trial. But since the trial expeditions started, we would like to touch on one point and draw attention:
For example; the cabin windows of the ropeway cars were not cleaned. Local and foreign guests coming to Uludağ want to watch the green environment while traveling with these cabins, but the view is being screened.

Even if there are trial voyages, the cabins need to be cleaned. There is no camera, radio, emergency phone in the cable car cabins for people who have a sudden illness and get into an emergency.

It would be appropriate to find them. If yes, these tickets would be very appropriate.

New ropeway and wagons in the service that could be better with everyone wishing a good journey to scholarship, to our citizens, good luck, I say goodbye.