İZBAN Five stations in Torbalı line and eight gates complete

Five stations and eight crossings on the İZBAN Torbalı line are complete: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the construction of five stations and eight highway crossings on the 30-kilometer İZBAN Torbalı line. Examining the works that will facilitate the transportation of people from Torbalı, Selçuk, Bayındır, Tire and Ödemiş to İzmir, President Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “With TCDD, there is a new transportation axis to our city. kazanWe are happy that we did.” said.

Taking information from Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Raif Canbek and contractor company officials by wandering through the station and highway crossings, Kocaoğlu said, “In our view, the job is finished. TCDD is also working fast and hard to complete electrification and signaling. When they say 'ok', we will start the trial runs. " He spoke in the form. Reminding that İZBAN collaborated with TCDD on the 80-kilometer Torbalı line as well as the 30-kilometer Aliağa-Menderes line, President Kocaoğlu said, “They are doing electrification and signaling with the double line. We also build stations, bridges and culverts. For us, the job is done. Of course, this is a common project. When we finish together, we will achieve the common goal. We were predicting to finish our own business in June 2014, we follow that schedule. Whenever electrification and signaling ends, we are ready. " said. Stating that the construction of the Kuşçuburun Station, which was later added to the project according to the needs of the line, is continuing, he said, “However, we do not have a situation to prevent the operation of the trains and the system, we have passed that stage. They have fine work, we do them when trains are running, no problem. TCDD is also making an effort to finish this line quickly. When they say 'ok', we will start trial runs. They have already started to come. We are now increasing the İZBAN line to 110 kilometers. Soon there is a situation to go to Selçuk by adding 30 kilometers to the south and to Bergama by adding another 45 kilometers to the north; In other words, we will extend the line 75 kilometers. When we do all these, we will have a suburban system of 185 kilometers and reach Selçuk and Bergama. " he spoke.

With the introduction of the new İZBAN line, passengers from Aliağa and the city center will have the opportunity to travel safely, fast, uninterruptedly and comfortably to Torbalı. Selçuk, Bayındır, Tire and Ödemiş passengers will be able to travel from Torbali to Izmir center and from there to Aliaga by rail. Metropolitan Municipality, TCDD according to the protocol with the stations underpass and overpasses made highway. The single line railway from Cumaovası to Torbalı is being run by the TCDD on a double line. The construction of the protection walls of the line, the extension of the signaling and electrification systems to Torbali Tepekoy in line with the Aliaga-Cumaovasi line is also carried out by TCDD.

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