Eğribel Tunnel to the First Digging in July

First Digging for Eğribel Tunnel In July: 21 companies are entitled to participate in the tender for the Eğribel Tunnel, which will connect Giresun to Central Anatolia as well as Alucra, Çamoluk and Şebinkarahisar districts. kazanit was stated.
24 companies have applied for the Eğribel Tunnel, which has been on Giresun's agenda for many years, but 21 of these companies are entitled to bid for the tender. kazanit was announced. The people of Şebinkarahisar, whose transportation to the city center was interrupted for months, especially in the winter months, were the people who were most happy about the Eğribel Tunnel's coming to the tender stage.
In the statement made by the AK Party Şebinkarahisar District Presidency, it was announced that the first excavation for the tunnel will be made in July. In the statement, “24 of the 21 consortia that applied for the pre-qualification for the Eğribel Tunnel are entitled to give a price by getting pre-qualification. kazanis gone. In the second stage, bids will start to be received as of next week and bid evaluations will be completed after 40 days. Following the determination of the contractor companies that will do the work at the end of June, the site will be delivered in July and the construction of the 5-meter-long double-tube Eğribel tunnels and connection roads on the centuries-old Eğribel Pass will begin.


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