3. flash development related to the airport

3. flash development related to the airport: 3. Airport's Capacity 180 is Released to Million Due to the increase in Istanbul's passenger traffic, the total capacity is increased from 150 to 180 million at the third airport.

25 22.1 with the Build-Operate-Transfer model is awarded to 3 billion Euro annually. conditions began to appear in the financing of the airport.

7 3 laid foundation in June. Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group, which won the tender of the airport, is carrying out negotiations for financing while continuing its construction with its shareholders' equity.

As far as the mother said, the 8 domestic bank is involved in the negotiations to participate in the financing, while the project shows that foreign banks and eximbank are also relevant.


In the first phase of the project, a financing package is prepared for 90 million passenger capacity.

An important detail on the package is that the 4 million passenger capacity announced for the entire airport project planned to be constructed as 150 phase has been increased up to 180 million.


In the first phase planned to be completed in 2017, it was announced that there would be 70-90 million passenger capacity before. However, the consortium has decided to make the first phase according to 70 million passenger capacity instead of 90 million.

The reason for this is that the annual passenger capacity of Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen airports in Istanbul has already exceeded 70 million.

In the 2017 90, it was decided that the project should be planned immediately in the first place. Therefore, 150 is the world's largest airport project with annual 3 million passenger capacity. The airport project is planned to be based on 90 million passengers at the end of 90 and 25 + 180 in latitude to increase passenger traffic in Istanbul.


Figures, '3. Does the airport grow before it starts? ' sources that are close to financing, UM 3. The airport is an attractive project for the institutions that will provide credit with the potential and public guarantees it carries. Many domestic and foreign banks are willing to participate in financing. Eximbank is particularly concerned with the financing of the second phase of the project.


The details of the financing talks for the first phase of the project are as follows: The Consortium is currently on the table with İşbank, Akbank, Yapı Kredi, Garanti, Denizbank, Halkbank, Ziraat Bank and Vakıfbank from domestic banks. 6.6 billion Euro investment in the first stage of the planned project.

The 4.3 billion Euro will be used as a loan, while the rest will be covered by the Consortium's equity. It is stated that the maturity of the loan, which is planned as a non-payment year, can be extended from 4 to 12. Currently 16 and 6 domestic banks can participate in the package, whose negotiations are ongoing and the conditions are not clear yet.


3 of domestic banks. One of the reasons for the project's close relevance to the airport project is the flow of funds and new areas that the project will provide. The financing of the connection roads to be made for the airport and the new activities that will occur with the new operation areas to be formed as a result of the activation of the airport were huge potential for the domestic banks, especially for the retail banking activities and they were willing to participate in the financing package.


2013 in May 3. Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group was awarded the highest bid with 22 billion 152 million Euros in the Airport Tender.

Upon completion of the project, 165 passenger bridge, 4 separate terminal building, 8 inspection tower, independent 6 runway suitable for operation of all types of aircraft, 16 automobile road, 500 will be an apron of 6.5 million square meters in total.

The construction cost is expected to be completed at the end of 10 247 billion 2018 million Euros.

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