7 Star Rail Palace

7 Star Rail palace: A Japanese railway company is starting train services with the comfort of an ultra-luxury hotel within two years.

10 Wagon 34 Passenger
Japan is famous for its bullet trains called 'Shinkansen' and has a wide railway network. The East Japan Railway company introduced a new luxury train in the country in 2017. The luxury train 10 with 34 wagon has a capacity to travel. The train, designed in a way similar to a very luxurious hotel, will have two-storey suites, a glass-covered observation floor, a restaurant and a bar. On the train to be painted in champagne, Japan's traditional flooring tr tatami Ş will be used. The two-storey suites feature a spacious bathroom and a bedroom.

7 Star Train
Although the route of the train is not clear yet, the road will pass through the most beautiful regions of Japan, which will be appreciated by the rich tourists who are seen as the target group. The most luxurious train currently in the country is the Seven Star train of Kyushu Railways, which is compared to the Orient Express operating in Europe. The new train will take over this title, and it will even be referred to as the world's most luxurious train. In Tokyo and Kanto, ticket prices will start from 5 bin 100 euro per person.

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