7 Years Old Boy Bumped By Train Closes Quarter Train

7-Year-Old Child Was Hit by Train: Neighborhood Railway Closed: While 7-year-old Emircan Günduru wanted to cross the level crossing in Konak District of İZMİR, he was under the İZBAN suburban train, which made the Aliağa-Cumaovası flight. While Günduru, who was seriously injured, was taken to the hospital, the residents of the neighborhood closed the railroad for the overpass and took action.

The accident occurred at the level crossing near İZBAN Kemer Station at around 19.00:XNUMX. The İZBAN suburban train, which made the Aliağa-Cumaovası flight, hit Emircan Günduru, who wanted to cross the road from the level crossing after passing the Kemer Station. The people around who saw the accident reported the situation to the health and police teams. Upon the notification, the medical teams took Emircan Günduru, who was seriously injured after the first response, to Tepecik Training and Research Hospital by ambulance. It was learned that Emircan Günduru, who was being treated at the hospital, was in danger of life. While the engineer was detained after the accident, an investigation was launched into the incident.


KazanThe residents of the neighborhood, who came to the scene after the accident, rained stones on the train involved in the accident. While the security forces had difficulty in calming the angry crowd, the residents of the neighborhood reacted to the İZBAN officials by closing the train track. Cengiz Yeşiltepe, one of the residents of the neighborhood, stated that they have been requesting an overpass from the authorities for years and said, “There has been an accident at this level crossing for years. Previously, 10 citizens lost their lives in this region, there is still no overpass. "They are knocking on our door to ask for votes, but they are not building an overpass," he said.

After the police teams convinced the neighborhood residents who closed the train, İZBAN flights returned to normal.

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