32 Company Applies for Malatya Peripheral Road Construction

32 Company Applied for Malatya Ring Road Construction: Malatya (North) has announced that the 32 application has been received for the prequalification of the Tender.
Returning to the story of snakes for years Malatya (North) Ring Road for the construction of the General Directorate of Highways for the prequalification of the tender reported that 32 applications have been received. General Directorate of Highways “Construction of Malatya Peripheral Highway KM: 0 + 000 - 44 + 800 section (Connection Road KM: 0 + 000 - 8 + 667.39 section) construction works, according to Article 4734 of the Public Procurement Law No. It will be. 20 candidates will be invited to submit their bids according to the criteria specified in the prequalification specifications.
For Malatya Ring Road, sür duration of work ”is stated as thousand 200 days. Following the completion of the tender process, the highways will deliver the space within the day following the signing of the contract 15 will start the construction of the road.
Malatya Freeway will be completed in July 2017 if there is no problem in the tender process and there is no problem in the transfer of allowance. The distance between Malatya Highway, which is about 54 kilometers long, will be made between Pütürge road distinction and Airport road separation.

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