Stealing Stealing Stunts

Theft in Izban Stopped: In the Izmir Suburban Transport System (IZBAN), due to the theft of the weights on the catenary wires energizing the system, there were delays in the flights.

In the statement made by İZBAN, it was stated that TCDD teams immediately started the repair process in the area where the weights were stolen, so the energy between Mavişehir and Menemen was cut for a while. It was noted that voyages in this region stopped and citizens were transported by buses, and the line was reopened after the teams completed their work.
On the other hand 1 last 3 per month. times of the same theft, even the stolen weights were learned that a monetary value.

It is stated that the possibility of theft may have been intentional to disrupt the voyages, and the image records were examined.



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