17 billion-dollar transport project to be completed at 2021

The 17 billion-dollar transportation project will be completed at 2021: the integrated public transport system in Dammam and Katif cities of Saudi Arabia will cost 17 billion dollars and will be completed by 2021. According to the news published in English, Arab State mayor Fahad El Cubeyr, the location of the railway and stations need about a year-long work for the 1.5 said. Authorities, during the project will occur in the light of traffic jams, light rail, bus and connection services will offer solutions, he said. El Cubeyr added that there will be two main lines in the project and the second line will be connected to King Fahd International Airport. The project is expected to benefit greatly from the project, especially in the East and in the economy and tourism sectors.

The report also noted the interest of international companies in the project of a billion dollar railway. Five companies from France were announced. 70 is a large French company operating in Saudi Arabia, and about 27 offers thousands of jobs.



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