Zigana mountain tunnel project started to be implemented

Zigana Mountain Tunnel project started to be implemented: General Directorate of Highways and 10.Bölge decided to carry out important projects in Trabzon.
On the shelves of the regional directorate of highways, there was a new tunnel project under the Zigana mountain. The project came up after many years. What came to the agenda, began to come to life. We talked about the highways in Trabzon. 13 said the construction of the tunnel would start towards the end of the year. Full 3 to be completed in the year. A little later to enter Maçka and close to Torul will be going.
Director General of Highways of our fellow citizens of Turkey and the region covered by the tunnel. Zigana tunnel will crown it. The start of the Zigana tunnel, which is an important investment in the south of Trabzon, is the end of 2004. In Trabzon, the most criticized is the crossroads at the front of the State Theaters. A solution to this junction was also produced.
Erdoğdu will be joining the tunnel Tunnel Varliday tunnel which will enter from the end of the descent and no longer waiting in the lamps. In the meantime, vehicles going to the direction of Tanjant Degirmendere could not connect to the coast road before entering Değirmendere. Here, we have reached the knowledge that a connection has been initiated. In addition, works are carried out on the 26 kilometer-long Kanuni Boulevard. Boztepe tunnel is being drilled and Bahçecik tunnel is also being worked on. The contractor is expected to finish the legal way before the expected time.


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