Training on stress management from road personnel to YOLDER

📩 30/11/2018 14:07

Stress management training for road personnel from YOLDER: eğitim Stress Management Training den was organized for construction and operating personnel working in State Railways. YOLDER Chairman of the Board of Directors Özden Polat stated that he is working under intense stress besides increasing workload of employees. In Trains come and go, if you have them. Health first. If we don't go well, we don't have a job, our families won't be peaceful either. We need to find ways to deal with stress, St he said.

Stress management training was given to the members of the Railway Construction and Operating Association Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER) located in Izmir. Izmir University Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Clinical Psychologist Joy Favorite Tok, Turkey's staff over 40 way of coping with stress from different provinces and told the best way to use the time.

TCDD Railway Training and on the way President Speaking at the training conducted under the Recreational Facilities in Akcay Ozden Parker, the way the staff of the State Railways of the most stressful part is working on specifying can sometimes experience health problems due created by the stress of the difficult working conditions, he said. Shortly before the staff "can not sleep till the last train" telling on that he had to see serious psychological distress experienced that and hospital treatment Parker, "we have to deal with stress, to know the way to it, we need to find," he said.

Özdemir stated that TCDD's colleagues working in the road service often had a worried expression on their faces. Yol Trains come and go. If you are there they will. Health first. And if we're not good, we can't work, and our family won't be peaceful. We have to take care of ourselves. We can do this by providing our inner peace, Bunu he said. This seminar to eliminate the concerns of road personnel and quality of life to reduce stress on the quality of organized Polat, said they will continue this kind of training work.

Railways, airlines, maritime road work in the stressful group of people who work. Izmir University Department of Psychology Lecturer Clinical Psychologist Sevinç Sevi Tok, stress is a fact that motivates life, but it can be turned into extreme disease when the extreme, he said. Tok, stressed by the management of stress on the railways mobbing (training), burnout syndrome and the results of not using the time well-mentioned, made recommendations to cope with these problems.

"Stress is the only product of living and working," said Tok, one of the most important ways to deal with stress is to remove uncertainty. Experienced role conflict of subordinates and as well as pressure from the top job density in our home because of our loved ones enough time explaining not allocate also led to severe stress Joy Favorite Tok, emphasized that the time management of this point in great importance. Tok talked about the techniques for the body and mind to deal with stress:

Çok In recent years, we have seen that anti-depressants are frequently used to cope with stress. To cope with stress, it would be more appropriate to try other methods than drugs. Physical exercises, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation techniques are needed to increase our body resistance and to decrease the body tension. The meaning given to stress is a purely mental process. If mental processes can be kept under control, stress-affected may be reduced. Attention shifting, cognitive restructuring, positive self-dialogue and problem-solving skills can control this process. Dikkat

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