Violet Rings

Rized Viaduct Feet Color: Rize is open to vehicles and pedestrian traffic in the area of ​​the viaduct feet by the painter Serpil Kebapcı reflects the culture of the region. This colorful work on the routes used by the citizens to reach the coastal areas has been appreciated by the citizens.
Stating that wall paintings can be a useful work to introduce the cultural characteristics of the city at the first stage, especially to those who come to Rize from outside of the province, Rize Mayor Prof. Dr. Reşat Kasap stated that this way, the walking paths and the surroundings of the vehicle roads will have a beautiful view.
Stating that they tried to include elements that reveal the cultural structure of the province of Rize while choosing the paintings, Kasap said, “While we were doing research on how to do painting on the walls, we had the opportunity to meet Serpil Kebapcı, who has done many studies in our Rize. "We want to color not only this region but also the various places of our city with cultural elements in this way."
Stating that there are figures representing Rize among the paintings, Kasap said, “We preferred to use the architectural houses, honey, tea, kemençe, tulum and the paintings representing the local people, which are common in our region. We plan to make these pictures to the appropriate places in our Rize that we have determined in this way. Especially in the summer season, around 300-400 thousand tourists visit Rize. "We chose to do such a work to make our city look beautiful."



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