Vanda Highways Investments

Vanda highways investments: AK Party Van Deputy Fatih Çiftçi reported that 10 billion 1 million TL was spent on highways in Van in 979 years.
Fatih Çiftçi, AK Party Deputy of Van, stated in his statement that between 1993-2002, a highway investment of 114 million 752 thousand TL was made in Van, and that the investment amount reached 18 billion 1 million TL with an increase of approximately 979 times during their rule.
Noting that 14 billion 2003 million TL was invested in a total of 2013 kilometers divided road between 3 and 36 in 12 provinces within the scope of the Eastern Anatolia Project (DAP), including Van, Çitfçi said that the 824-kilometer-long road between Van-Özalp-Saray-Kapıköy He reminded that his kilometer was completed as a divided road.
The farmer who is still working on this road, stated in his statement:
“The roads under construction are targeted to be completed in 2015. 471 kilometers of the 435-kilometer divided road in Van was built during the AK Party governments. Although 2002 kilometers of divided roads were opened to traffic in Van until the end of 36, between 2003 and 2013, 435 kilometers of divided road, 4 thousand 150 kilometers of asphalt work, 33 bridges, 5 accident black spots, 197 kilometers of auto guardrail construction and 267 kilometers road improvement has been done. "
Explaining that the highways were restructured in this process and contributed greatly to the country's economy in terms of time and fuel savings, Çiftçi stated that the state roads connecting Van to other cities have been extended to 561 kilometers, and the provincial roads connecting the districts, towns and villages to the city center have been extended by 563 kilometers.
Çiftçi also noted that the road network in Van has reached one thousand 124 kilometers.



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