Urban Roads are paved in Gördeste

Urban Roads Asphalted in Gördeste: Asphalt and sidewalk project initiated by the Municipality of Gördes started the paving works.
This project, which was initiated by the command of Gördes Mayor Muhammet Akyol, was launched. As a result of the completion of this project, Gördes will have a different beauty. Another step will be taken in terms of modernization. The pavements built within the scope of the project will be constructed in accordance with our visually impaired citizens. Studies are going on quickly.
"We spend all our work to improve Gördes." Gördes President Akyol said: “Our efforts to modernize and develop our district continue. This project is a big project. With the permission of Allah, the completion of this project will make our district more modern. As a person, I follow the works closely. ”



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