Turkey will be equipped with high-speed national train

Turkey will be equipped with high-speed national trend: the new generation of national train with the national YHT, concept, design, selection and industrial design work yapıldı.türkiye the hedefleniyor.tcdd to meet all aspects of the high-speed train technology, was purchased 12 high-speed train set. 16 pieces will be produced locally.

According to the information received from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications;

In addition to the existing ones, the project of supplying 106 pieces of YHT to be operated in the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) and high speed train lines planned to be opened in the future was taken into the investment program. The first 106 set from the 20 set, whose technical specifications have been completed, is planned to be manufactured from abroad and the 70 set with at least 51 domestic contribution. TCDD, the remaining 16 YHT set 'National High Speed ​​Train Project' aims to produce within the scope.

Sources design with the objective of producing a new generation of railway vehicles and technology that started the national railway project of Turkey recalled, "National High Speed ​​Rail Kit scope of this project, Diesel Train Set Electric Train Set and freight wagons will be developed. It is aimed to produce prototypes with 51 localization ratio. After these studies, it is envisaged to increase the rate of 2023 to 85 for the year XNUMX. Bu

TCDD also took action to collect control of the project planning processes and practices in investment activities. In this context, the Company has established a Surveying and Investment Office.


TCDD is aiming to connect the cities of Ankara and Istanbul with high-speed trains. Within this context, Ankara-Istanbul is expected to be opened in a short period of time. TCDD has purchased 250 high speed train set which can be operated at 12 km / hour speed for passenger transportation on the high speed train lines opened. The contract for 300 units of very high speed trains was signed. 7 units were received from these sets, others are underway.

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