Tube Pass Solution to İZBAN Problem

Tube Passing Solution to İZBAN Problem: The works which were carried out with the arrival of İZBAN Commuter Line to Torbalı brought many problems. There are no pedestrian crossing between the two overpasses brought as a solution for the transition of vehicles.

One of the biggest problems of the roads divided by the arrival of the İZBAN line to Torbalı is attracting residents of the Cumhuriyet District and Ertuğrul Neighborhood. In recent days, the lack of overpasses in our newspaper due to lack of citizens voicing the difficulties of the citizens of the Republican District Headman Ertekrul Dogan Ertugrul Nuzamettin Alkan came to support. Citizens of 200 meters to go to the place away from the airport due to the pass IZBAN 2 said that they had to walk the km after Dogan Dogan Ertugrul Neighborhood Nizamettin Alkan said that the solution should be brought. Alkan stated that the citizens caused a great effort on the way he opened the fence between his efforts and he mentioned that our authorities should solve this problem as soon as possible.


Nizamettin Alkan stated that there were no overpasses between the two bridges in Torbalı and said bir Overpass was made for two vehicles. But for pedestrians, there is an overpass just at the Government House. When we look at the road between the two bridges, there are miles of road. On this road, there are places where many citizens like Halk Yapı, Barış Yapı and Doğuş Yapı live in the Cumhuriyet District section. Along the way I don't even need to count the ones in Ertuğrul Neighborhood. So many of our citizens had to walk the 2 kilometer road to get through until this time. Citizens residing on the side of the Cumhuriyet District have difficulty in going to many places such as the school, Medical Center, Dental Hospital. Citizens living in the neighborhood of Ertuğrul Wednesday, the marketplace has to try various ways to go to the marketplace. This problem can be solved by tube passage as well as the overpass. But our officials need to work on this as soon as possible. Citizens of the market with their bags in the hands of wasting turn. Inde said.


Referring to the danger that CITIZENS are avoiding to walk, the head of Ertuğrul Neighborhood Nizamettin Alkan said, “Most of the citizens are trying to pass through the fences. This brings a great danger. Since people cannot walk with bags in their hands on Sunday, they try to pass through the fences in the passageways. In addition to all these, the number of young people using skates has increased recently. Since most of these young people do not carry shoes with them, they try to skate everywhere. As our citizens say to pass through them one by one, the train road suddenly starts to get crowded. I don't even want to think that the train was passing at that moment. These are all great dangers. For this reason, a tube crossing on the road can solve these problems. This problem is both urgent and need. We think that our officials will not remain insensitive to this issue. We are our neighborhood sözcüWe owe ourselves to voice our problems. " he ended his speech with his words.

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