TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon is in Sakarya

TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon in Sakarya: Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) General Directorate of 50 | The TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon, prepared as part of the XNUMXth anniversary celebrations, was opened to the visitors of history buffs at Adapazarı Train Station.

The museum manager, İskender Özbay, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that technical materials used in radio and television broadcasting have been found in the museum since 1927.

Stating that the idea of ​​museum wagons was born after the resident museum in Ankara attracted attention, Özbay stated that the museum wagon will visit 20 provinces and the last stop will be Edirne.

The primary purpose of the museum is to provide information about the functioning of the system for students studying in the field of radio and television flammability Özbay, said:

“In our museum, there are various electronic materials used in publishing, from stone records to modern technology tablet computers. Almost all of these materials were used by our employees. We show our citizens not only the publishing and technical materials of the past, but also how 3D publishing, the product of today's technology, was made. Our museum attracts a lot of attention. "

Atatürk's 10 | The museum wagon, which also has the microphone he used while reading the Year Speech, will leave the city tomorrow.



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