TRT Publishing and History Museum Wagon in Edirne

📩 30/11/2018 13:28

And TRT Publishing History Museum in Edirne Wagon: Starting out in February Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) Publishing and History Museum Wagon, reached Edirne, which was the last stop.

The wagon, which set off within the framework of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the TRT General Directorate and traveled to 20 provinces, was opened to visits in Edirne Station.

The train, which will stay in Edirne for 2 days, displays the clothes, decors, cameras and radios used since 1927, and the microphone used by Atatürk in the 10th Year Speech.

Edirne Governor Hasan Duruer, touring the History Museum Wagon, said that TRT is keeping pace with the ever-evolving technology and said TRT is a world-wide institution.

Stating that he was very impressed after visiting TRT Museum, Duruer said, “In the past, we would follow the future especially on the radio. We waited with curiosity for what would happen the next day. There were radio theaters. TRT used to make packet broadcasts. There were very few live streams. I am from Yozgat, the first television came to Yozgat in 1974. There was no broadcast for 24 hours, there was only one TRT channel. ”

Governor Duruer with comic book hero Keloğlan in the virtual studio during the visit sohbet while the short sohbet was recorded.


In addition, when the broadcast of TRT was stopped in 1968, when the malfunction occurred, Necefli Maşrapa is also exhibited in the museum. It was recorded that the original of the Najafli Maşrapa was covered with precious emerald and ruby ​​stones, located in the Topkapı Museum.


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