New association in tire industry: LASİD

A new association in the tire industry: A new association was established in the tire industry. The aim of LASID, which aims to develop the sector and solve the sector problems collectively, is to use the correct and safe tire at the beginning of the issues; winter tire and veneer comes
Tire manufacturers and importers came together under the same roof and established a sector association. Turkey produces car tires or tire-producing abroad and is a member of the association of companies that sell and imported through companies they set up their LASİD (Association of Tire Manufacturers and Importers) was called. Develop the tire industry; The founding members of LASİD, which was established in order to represent the sector in a stronger way both at home and abroad, are in alphabetical order; BRISA, CONTINENTAL, GOODYEAR, MICHELIN and PIRELLI.
Hakan Bayman, Chairman of the Board of LASID; “Our members came together on a voluntary basis, provided that they observe the competition law and all other legal and administrative regulations,” he said. Bayman said: “Our association has set out to serve the development of the tire industry. It aims to inform the public on issues related to our industry and our products, and to carry out activities that will spread the use of correct and conscious tires. As founding members, we invite tire manufacturers and importers to become members of our association. ''
The sector will be the bridge between all institutions and the community
LASİD Secretary General Bahadır Ünsal; lasid the 'quality', 'safety', 'winter tires', 'covering' and the public in similar matters and said that consumer awareness of purpose '' of Turkey's tire industry will conduct sectoral collaboration for the development of national and international relations. By collecting the problems of the sector collectively, we will serve as a bridge between the sector and government agencies, legislators and the society.




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