Asphalt Waiting Shocked

Asphalt Expectations Shocked when faced with gravel: Akyazi Gazi Suleyman Pasa District 3042 Street in the number of citizens, 48 pieces of pits, indicating that they have written a petition to fill the pits Akyazi Municipality. The solution for filling the pits was interesting.
Akyazi Gazi Süleyman Paşa Quarter On the 3042 street on the Pazarköy Street, there is a full 100 pit in the 48 meter area and the neighborhood was mobilized.
The residents of the neighborhood, tired of the dust and sludge in the rain, have not been able to find a solution to Akyazi Municipality.
In the last 1991, İhsan Özkurt, a resident of the neighborhood who stated that he was given a petition close to 40 for the closure of the pits formed on the asphalt street; Sok We have repeatedly filed a petition for the closure of pits on the street. Yesterday, the municipal authorities did not close the pits with asphalt, but they made the road worse by pouring gravel.
In the past, people were moving slowly, at least paying attention to the pits. Now they go through the pits of big and small chippings are thrown into the environment. If we knew that such a solution would be found in the neighborhood, the 2 bag would be cemented, we used to put the mortar in the evening and close the pits. Our street is worse than the old one. Kötü
In addition, residents of the garbage bin on the streets of the neighborhood said they wanted to place a garbage container on the street.

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