Inspired the tram project in front of their homes

The front of the house was inspired last tram project: the first time in Kayseri in Turkey applied STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) materials exhibition of the project opened. In the exhibition, the project of the students and the tram project with the control of the thermometer vehicle drew attention. Retired Teacher Ramadan Büyükkılıç Secondary School 7. Barbaros Taşdemir said that he was doing this project because the tramway passed in front of their house. Taşdemir, who realized the project with his friend 3, said that he completed the project as a result of a weekly study of 2.

Retired Teacher Ramazan Büyükkılıç Secondary School STEM Materials Exhibition, Provincial Director of National Education Bilal Yılmaz and many guests attended. Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, National Education Director Bilal Yilmaz, Kayseri, said that STEM Center. “STEM means future in education. We are experiencing the excitement of catching this future in Kayseri, Yılmaz said Yilmaz, “We started our city as Kayseri Provincial Directorate of National Education in our country. We said this at the beginning of the school year. We said that we will make Kayseri the capital of education at the point of education. Today, we have seen how useful this approach in pilot applications. With the STEM project, we saw that many of our students increased their interest in science and mathematics students. We are experiencing difficulties in teaching mathematics and science. We believe that this project will support and pave the way for this. When you look at the work, you see the simple machines, the movement in the energy exchange. The child does it all in the world of thought and learns with 3 dimensional thinking. What we call STEM is not just about materials, it's about being used in science, maths and social laboratories. These works continue. ”

After the speeches, students' materials were examined. Retired teacher Ramazan Büyükkılıç Middle School 7.class student Barbaros Taşdemir and his friend 3 tram project attracted attention. Taşdemir said that they did what they do in 2 week and said: tram The tram was passing in front of our house. I thought if I could do this and then I thought about implementing it with STEM project. We finished the tram at 2 week with our friends in the same class. The tram that we move through the elevator can change the route. I'm happy to implement the same tram I saw. ”

Another project in the exhibition was to move the thermometer with the mobile phone. Hakan Mert, 7.s class student, said that he was planning to use the project on Mars. Mert stated that the mobile phone can control the vehicle via the bluetooth system and said, uz With the program we have installed on the mobile phone, we can move the thermometer tool. When we turn the phone left and right, the vehicle goes in those directions. I made it to be used on Mars. U


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