Ispartan to be paved in all three years

Isparta Will Be Asphalted in Three Years: Isparta Municipality started its new period infrastructure and durable asphalt works from the 500-meter-long 110 Street between Bahçelievler Social Facilities and Cuma Pazarı. Infrastructure works, especially rain water, continue by the Directorate of Water and Sewerage Affairs on the street, whose tired asphalt was removed with a milling machine by the Directorate of Science. It is planned that the works will be completed within 10 days and the street will be made durable asphalt.
Isparta Mayor Master Architect Yusuf Ziya Günaydın, who examined the works carried out jointly by the Directorate of Science Affairs and the Directorate of Water and Sewerage Affairs, said that they have reached 70 percent in infrastructure works in the last period and that the entire city will have durable asphalt in 30 years with the remaining 3 percent. . President Günaydın stated that in order to fulfill the promises he made to the people of Isparta in the election works, the works will continue in this period without regard to the concept of work, as in the previous period.
Günaydın stated that 110 Street is on an important road network in terms of traffic and is a line connecting Yedişehitler and Bahçelievler Neighborhood. Günaydın said, “This street will serve our neighborhoods of Yedişehitler, Bahçelievler, Fatih and Zafer at the same time. Until today, we carried out infrastructure works, especially rainwater. The infrastructure of our Isparta is 70 percent completed. The remaining works will be completed within 3 years. The natural gas of our 110 streets was also completed. After our infrastructure works, the asphalt will be started. Our street will be put into service in 10 days in its new form. We will complete a work that can be completed in 3 months in 10 days. "Good luck to our people living in this region and to all of Isparta."


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