Freight of freight load on rail should be increased

Shares of railway freight Taşmacılıg should be increased: DB Schenker Rail Intermodal Sector Manager Adreas Schulz, "Turkey's more than 100 million consumer group, has the youngest population. Countries such as Turkic Republics, Kazakhstan etc. are the regions where we can make progress. ” The belief that it will be one of the important transports prevails.

While it was stated that block freight train corridors were established in Europe, Middle East and Asian countries, it was noted that it is important for Europe to connect Europe to the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia by rail freight corridors.

DB Schenker Rail Intermodal Sector Manager Adreas Schulz, between the years 2013-2020 of Turkey's economy, Southeast, he said on that will grow more than 4 percent of European countries. The highlight will be the major transportation corridor westward from Turkey Schulz, he was pointed out to become attractive for railway companies.

Stating that transportation by trucks will be difficult in this corridor, and by rail transportation, 20% price advantage compared to the highway, Schulz continued, “You can increase the loading up to 44 tons. Therefore, rail intermodal transportation will be important.

Turkey's more than 100 million consumer group, has the youngest population. Countries such as Turkic Republics, Kazakhstan, etc. are the regions where we can make progress. There is a recovery in Romania. We think there are markets opening to the Black Sea. the liberalization of the rail market in Turkey, bringing new opportunities, we can evaluate the opportunities for cooperation with Eastern Europe are going to do.

?? To improve the fleet of railroad-towed vehicles, ?? To increase the share of the private sector in the production and maintenance of the towing and towing vehicles, ?? Increasing the private sector share to 50 percent in railway operations, ?? To increase the share of railways in transport to 10 percent in passenger transport and 15 percent in freight transport.

These and similar targets are putting huge responsibilities on the companies in the sector. The realization of these is extremely important for the development of the country's railway industry and for its share of the global railway cake. With the completion of the legal arrangements and structural changes; As a result of the expansion in the sector, many large and small companies will be attracted to the public sector and the railway industry will grow rapidly.

Last month, the agenda was one of the most busy issues.

The importance of rail transport was discussed at national and international congresses and conferences. The topics discussed at the International Railways Association (UIC), the 11th European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) World Conference and the 3rd Railway and Port Connections Summit, the most important, once again demonstrated the importance of rail in transportation. It was pointed out that one of the most important tools of modernization at the beginning of the 20th century was railway transportation, and it was concluded that increasing the share of freight transport is important. It was emphasized that especially with the increase of cross-border trade, railway transportation was used as a mode of transportation on a global scale, and the human relationship, less land use, and shifting resources to sustainable areas also made the railway privileged.

In recent years, the Turkish transport and logistics sector in the Middle East, Asia and Far East markets outside the European countries, participating in the competition, but the Turkish logistics companies carrying the world's every country to use the advantages of the geographical location, while still struggling with visa and quota problems were also noted today.

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