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The roads of the sea are gaining prestige: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues to work day and night in different parts of the city to make the roads more modern, comfortable and safe. Hallaçlar, Başkarcı Road started the hot asphalt work has been completed and the new state has given prestige to the region voiced by the Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, "We are happy to save our people from the mud of dust in the region," he said.
Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Hallaçlar terminated the hot asphalt project initiated at Başkarcı Road. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has continued to work day and night in different parts of the city. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Hallaçlar, which continues to work intensively to make the roads more modern, comfortable and safe, has almost changed the face of the region with its asphalt, pavement and refuge arrangement on Başkarcı Road. As part of the studies, the 1.100 meter-long 25 meter wide asphalted road was paved.
Stating that they continue to work in order to make Denizli a more modern city, President Zolan said, ına Our hot asphalt project, which we started a while ago at Hallaçlar, Başkarcı Road, ended. 1.100 meters long 25 meters wide divided under the road base material was paved and paved. After our paving works, our teams completed our work by drawing road lines. With the completion of the paving process, Hallaçlar, Başkarcı residents have access to more modern and quality transportation. As
Works will continue
Noting that modern, comfortable and safe roads will continue uninterruptedly, President Zolan said, ed We will continue with road and pavement renovation works in the places that are needed, waiting for service. We will make transportation easier by using suitable materials according to the weather conditions and the structures of the roads. We would like to offer our citizens the opportunity to reach out of dust and mud. I


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