Giresun Municipality Launches Legal Process for Overpasses

Giresun Municipality Started Legal Processes for Overpasses: Giresun Mayor Kerim Aksu stated in his statement today that they have started legal proceedings when there is no result of correspondence with Highways for the overpasses in Giresun.
Mayor of Giresun Municipality May 1st Assembly Meeting made a statement to the journalists, the Mayor Kerim Aksu, said they started legal action for overpasses consisting of ugly structures.
. The biggest responsibility here is for the Highways. Because these areas are Highways areas. Giresun Municipality has no initiative on this issue. Giresun Municipality only 'us zoning regions with these footsteps' in the form of the highway from the highway 'We process these areas, but you will make a reference to the project to be made to us,' do not apply for the application we say. If we do not reply again, we will start a legal process for the overpasses to be demolished. Nothing is considered in the overpasses. Elderly, how to pass the disabilities are not calculated. There are many more useful and modern overpasses built by other cities. We are against the destruction of Giresun in this way with only metal stack. We did our correspondence on this. This process was started before the project was communicated to us. We have initiated our legal process against this process. Bu
Var This is not just Giresun, but the general problem of the Black Sea region, ın said President Aksu, “Get out of Hopa today There are very ugly overpasses in all regions of Samsun. Elders and people with disabilities cannot use these overpasses. Bu

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