TCV, CNG and Diesel buses with great interest both at home and abroad

With TCV, CNG and Diesel buses, 5 attracts a great deal of interest both at home and abroad. In the Busworld Turkey 2014 International Trade Fair for Bus Industry and Supply Industry, TCV exhibited the 12 meter Karat CNG and 10.7 meter Karat Diesel models preferred by public and private bus operators. During the fair, TCV shared the information that it will introduce its electric bus to the whole of Europe at the IAA Fair to be held in Hannover, Germany on September - 25 October.
Percent 100 is designed by Turkish engineers and Bozankaya TCV buses produced in Ankara facilities; fuel economy, high passenger capacity, advanced safety features, passenger and driver comfort takes innovative steps. TCV, providing the minimum fuel consumption Busworld Turkey and most passengers with CNG bus carat while exhibiting a diesel vehicle with 10.7 meters capacity, will provide electric buses also gave signals to the market in September.
TCV Karat CNG, which meets the expectations of CNG technology which is preferred all over the world with its advantages of safe, environmentalist and operating costs, stands out with its low fuel consumption. The 12 meter-long TCV Karat CNG 27 offers high carrying capacity with a total of 72 passengers, including 99 standing. TCV Karat CNG, with its low base, is designed for physically disabled passengers to travel safely and comfortably in terms of both in-vehicle navigation and landing-boarding. Karat Diesel is also preferred because it combines all the advantages of TCV with the power of the Diesel engine.
Bozankaya General Manager Aytunç Günay said in the fair; “With our Karat CNG and Diesel buses, we meet both the efficiency and savings expectations of local authorities and private bus companies in the best way. In this respect, our R & D activities and investments continue uninterruptedly. At the end of September 2014, we will bring our electric bus to the sector with its great advantages. We are very pleased with the test results of this vehicle, where we get positive results thanks to a very special battery system. Also, the first Trambus in Turkey, 2014 summer period we will deliver the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality.
At the end of 2014, we will launch a production facility for TCV with 100,000m2 area in Ankara Sincan. This production facility has a special location for us because it is connected to a rail system test point. ”
TCV brand is connected to Bozankaya R & D Manager Ertuğrul Göktepe, who underlined that the public transportation solutions within the group, has shown continuous development and gave information about their new projects; Imiz In cities that are not metropolitan, transportation systems such as light rail and tram are preferred. Trambus first in Turkey Bozankaya will be delivered to Malatya Metropolitan Municipality from 2014 in summer. Trambus will navigate the city traffic flow without any other crossroads. The system, which will be used with rubber wheels and electric vehicles, will work on the east-west axis of the city. It is planned to carry 8-10 thousand passengers per hour in one direction with double bellows trambuses. Vehicles with an electric engine have zero emissions and save 75% energy compared to diesel engines. In the near future, the generator will be activated in the event of power cuts in the vehicle battery systems. This project is of great importance for public transport solutions in terms of cost and efficient use of resources. Many local governments are closely following the project. We believe that we will be able to see trambus in many cities in Anatolia very soon. ”

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