TCDD hangars being restored

📩 30/11/2018 12:51

TCDD hangars are being restored: Work is underway to complete the survey, restitution and restoration of TCDD Hangar Buildings in Nazilli district of Aydın. Mayor Haluk Alıcık, who examined the hangar restorations made by a tender firm by Nazilli Municipality, said that the work on the exteriors of the hangars has been completed and the internal works continue. When the hangars are completed, the rest facility and the stands where local products are introduced will be held.

Nazilli Mayor Haluk Alican, who took information about the works in the halls, said that two hangars, which are considered as Cultural Center, have been restored in the area of ​​2 thousand 200 square meters. Alice, olarak Hangar, 250 square meters of the restaurant area, 230 square meters of the exhibition area, 170 square meters are considered as a multi-purpose hall. We also make garden and landscaping on the 1370 square meter side of the hangar. Nazilli Municipality will also accommodate seating groups for the public to sit and rest. Some of the products grown in our county, the country to be an important place in the production of agricultural products in many other natural and organic crops grown in our district, but these products are not introduced or sold continuously because of the absence of a place Nazilli was not able to fully promote. But now with this project implemented in hangars, a very beautiful image will appear and will be the face of Nazilli. Ama

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