The reason for the collapse of the High Speed ​​Train Station

The reason for the collapse of the High Speed ​​Railway Station was announced: It was claimed that the 5 worker was injured during the pouring of concrete at the High Speed ​​Train Station in Arifiye District of Sakarya and caused by the collapse of mold and scaffolding.

President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers Sakarya Branch Hüsnü Gürpınar, this event, construction and neglect and negligence brought to the agenda once again, he said. Gürpınar stated that he was watching the crash images reflected on the security camera, said:

“There is neglect as well as complete mold and scaffolding error. It is caused by the lack of necessary security and audits. Before the concrete was poured, the construction supervisor had to do the inspection of the formwork. The site supervisor should also supervise the checks made by the site supervisor. There is complete uncontrolled. In the images I watched, I could not see the cross connections on the scaffolds. For this reason, I think there is a collapse. The main reasons are that the mold is not strong enough and not secure. ”

While the prosecution is continuing the investigation, the concrete samples from the construction will be sent to Sakarya University Faculty of Civil Engineering for examination.

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  1. If there is a mold and the support that holds it, the infrastructure = scaffolding system does not meet the load and collapses when the concrete is poured kalıp. There is no secret that has to be solved. The system was unable to carry the load, collapsed and collapsed. Scaffold + mold system failure is obvious in the day. Responsible will give account. However, the main responsible; is the control mechanism! The inspection system should be urgently reviewed, and a correct mechanism should be created in all line baoyu constructions by eliminating the faults and similar accidents should be prevented. Thus, the new system (audit, warning, sanction) that should be created should be an example for the whole construction sector and should be undertaken by all. Otherwise, they should always be classified as a natural disaster and have an, invisible accident a. We can deceive ourselves by continuing with the rumbling. But in a time when we want to be a global player and many successes abroad, it becomes funny that we embarrass ourselves. The event is important not only for us, but for our entire branch and system, and for our future. This is a matter of our global image. We will be measured by the lessons we will take and the countermeasures we will take. Do not forget; The eyes of all the global construction world are on us!