Special waiting area for Syrians for rail traffic safety

Special waiting place for Syrians for the safety of rail traffic: A special waiting area was allocated to Syrians who were waiting to return to their country in the town of Şenyurt in Kızıltepe district.

Returning to the country every day from about 400 Syrians crossing point in Senyurt resort, about 50 people coming to Turkey by order of the Governor's Office. The Kızıltepe District Governorship, which determined that the Syrians who were waiting near the train station with their children and belongings during the transition, had difficulty.

Kiziltepe District Governorate allocated a full-fledged location for Syrians. Governor of Kızıltepe Erdoğan Turan Ermiş, District National Education Director İbrahim Bahçıvancı and Editor-in-Chief Ramazan Uygur visited the Syrian crossing point in the town, the Foreigners' Branch and the military officials and received information about the situation.

It was, AA correspondent, said that because of the events in Syria, many Syrians arrived in Turkey, he said he found only 25 thousand Syrian refugees in the county.

“We have Şenyurt gate where deport procedures are carried out. Our aim is to provide decent living conditions while hosting Syrians here. They were waiting here on the railroad before. Railway traffic was troubled in terms of safety. In addition, it was not a pleasant sight to sit under the sun with his children, ”said Ermiş, adding that they arranged a private waiting place in a park they rented.

Ermiş said, “We made it beautiful. We allocated the toilet, breastfeeding room, mosque and Syrians for use. I hope they will wait here from now on, ”he said.




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