Workers in highways praying Somaya

Highways workers pray in Somaya: Highways 3. Workers working in the Regional Directorate met with the leadership of Yol-İş Konya 1 Branch and the mine workers who died in Soma prayed and prayed.
Türk-İş affiliate T.Yol-İş Konya 1 Branch Branch organized by Manisa Soma in mine disaster to the mercy of the mine workers who reached the mercy of the respect and prayer 3. The Regional Directorate was held in front of the central workshop.
Highways Mosque Imam calligrapher Ismail Gul who participated in the program after the prayer 3. District Director Mahmut Yildiz gave the following words in his brief speech. Kaybet Mercy from Allah to the Mine Workers who lost their lives at the Mine Disaster in Manisa-Soma.
We hope that the wounded survivors will have their old health as soon as they present their wishes to the mine workers, and our State is delivering and providing all kinds of assistance in Manisa Soma. We are doing the task here. We're doing the only thing we can. We pray for many martyrs.
Mr. Mürsel Selbüz, Head of the Branch Branch of T.Yol-İş Konya 1 UM 3 minute of silence and prayer event 3. Our regional directorate came together in unity and solidarity. This mine disaster should be a lesson for those who turn our country into a subcontractor of paradise, those who make subcontracting a basic mode of work, and a course for those who establish a system of exploitation.
Highways 3. 3, participating in our memorial and prayer activities of the martyrs of the martyrs in front of the regional workshop. I would like to thank the Regional Director Mahmut Yıldız for the Highways officials and the Highways workers.

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