Çambaşı Plateau Ski Resort is Moving Fast

Çambaşı Plateau Ski Resort is progressing rapidly: AK Party Army Deputy and Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC) Turkish Group President İhsan Şener examined the on-site ski resort and road works on the Çambaşı Plateau in the Kabadüz District of Ordu.

Şener, who was welcomed by Yener Kaya, the mayor of Kabadüz, examined the road works on the site between Ordu and Çambaşı Plateau and got information about the works. Receiving information about the activities of the ski resort Sener, both of the investments in the government to be completed all the possibilities of mobilization was said. Şener said, bir The road to 10 kilometers between Kabadüz and Çambaşı, which is an important part of the Ordu-Çambaşı road project, continues rapidly. I hope we want to complete this path until the end of 2015. This place has significant potential for tourism. In terms of infrastructure, the problem will be largely solved. With this road, investments are made in both public and private sectors. Bu

Saying that work continues in 4 different regions of Ordu from north to south, Şener said, “The Black Sea-Mediterranean road, Kabadüz-Çambaşı road, Fatsa-Korgan-Kumru-Niksar road, Kabataş-Reşadiye road, I hope the Ünye-Akkus road shortened double road project will serve the infrastructure of Ordu in the coming years, and will increase its tourism potential. There is a rapidly developing Army. Every region is getting ready for the future like a construction site. ”

Şener stated that the nearest ski slope to the sea was built to Ordu. Hopefully we will ski here next year and we will serve local tourists with two separate ropeway systems. Maybe the nearest ski resort to the sea. From the airport to the sea, everyone can easily reach the ski slope near the sea. We will be skiing here with our army citizens and guests coming from outside in the winter season. Ön

The Mayor of Kabaduz Yener Kaya said,, Mr. Deputy has seen developments in the region, highway, ski resort and hotels. With the support of our Deputy Attorney, we will accelerate the investments here, we will end our investments in the same time with the construction of the airport and expand our tourism areas and make our city a serious contribution to our region by promoting our city. Infrastructure work in progress, Alt he said.