Lightning: 3 Airport sine qua non for Turkey

Lightning: 3 Airport for Turkey's Simsek least olmazı.bak third airport project planned for Istanbul, "3. Airport sine qua non for Turkey, "he said.

  1. While laying preparations for the airport will continue, the foundations will be laid in June.

Minister of Finance Mehmet Simsek made important statements about Istanbul 3.

Minister Şimşek, for the third airport project planned to be built in Istanbul, said, “3. Airport sine qua non for Turkey, "he said.

Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek answered the question about whether an EIA report was obtained at the 3rd Airport as follows:

“As far as I can see from the press, the foundations will be laid in June. If the foundations are to be laid, the points you probably mentioned have been resolved. 3. Airport sine qua non of Turkey. Actually, we need an airport right away. Atatürk Airport is operating far beyond its capacity. We cannot meet the flight demands of many countries. During our last visit to the Gulf, we received many complaints, not even complaints, we received threats such as 'If you do not allow our airlines to fly to Atatürk Airport, we will limit Turkish Airlines' but we have come up with a solution. As a state, a full mobilization must be declared for the 3rd Airport to be completed. If this airport is not completed, Turkish tourism and aviation sector will be negatively affected, and we will do whatever it takes for it. We need to finish this airport as soon as possible. Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Atatürk Airport are gradually moving to a point beyond their capacity. We are going to an expansion at Atatürk Airport. We will demolish the existing cargo terminal, we built a new cargo terminal. We will build a passenger terminal instead of that cargo terminal. There was a military field, we took it, we turn it into a parking lot for aircraft, we are building new taxiways. There is a tin district there, we are demolishing it too. We are working hard to expand the capacity of Atatürk Airport and bring it to a point that it will manage for the next few years. After the foundation of the 3rd Airport is laid, it goes quickly. "

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