The collision of the shuttle minibus with the train

Service Minibus Collision in Mersin: In March, 12 witnessed the accident and the service minibus collided with an accident.

According to the information received by the AA correspondent, in the expert report prepared at the request of the Mersin Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, when the minibus carrying the workers under the direction of Fahri Kaya arrived at the level crossing, the barriers on both sides were open and meanwhile. kazanwas reported to have occurred. It was emphasized that no one had any intention in the incident, which was described as a work accident.

In the report, where it was stated that the level crossing officer Erhan Kılıç could be absent during the accident, the following was recorded:

“I am of the opinion that the barriers were definitely open while the service vehicle passed. It is not possible for the vehicle to force through the barriers. No wear and breakage has been detected in the barriers. It was understood that the officer did not close the barriers as a result of absenteeism. I am of the opinion that Erhan Kılıç is 60 percent essentially flawed at first degree. "

KazanIn the report, which also included the determination that the containers located near the place where the incident occurred, negatively affected the vision angles of the barrier guard and vehicle drivers, it was stated that the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate was 30 percent primarily defective on the grounds that there were not enough warning systems at the level crossing.

It was stated that minibus driver Kaya had to control the road even if the barriers were open, therefore he had a secondary 10 percent minor fault.

  • Up to 15 years

On the other hand, in the indictment prepared by the public prosecutor within the scope of the investigation, Sinan Özpolat, Oğuzhan Beyazıt, Mine Serten, Onur Adlı, Ayhan Akkoç, Mehmet Akşam, Ünal Acar, Harun Salık, Cavit Yılmaz, Kenan Erdinç at the crime scene, Mustafa Doygun and Halil Demir was reminded that he died in the hospital where he was treated.

It was recorded that the crash occurred during this time in the indictment where the barriers were open at the time of the accident and the driver entered the passage without reducing the speed.

With the acceptance of the indictment, a lawsuit was filed at Mersin 3st High Criminal Court for barrier officer Erhan Kılıç and minibus driver Fahri Kaya demanding imprisonment from 15 to 1 years for causing death of more than one person by negligence. It was decided not to prosecute the two train drivers.

In the central Mediterranean district, 20 people died, 12 were injured, and the barrier officer and the minibus driver were arrested as a result of the collision between the passenger train and the shuttle bus at the level crossing on 3 March.

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