Free and Discounted Cards No Permission to Use in 27's

📩 24/11/2018 12:44

Free and Discounted Cards No Passage to Unauthorized Use in 27: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department teams reported that approximately 500 thousand personalized public transportation cards were used by people other than the card holder.
All the means of transportation in the city of cash money from the transition Kart27 Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department Head Hasan Kömürcü, increased the use of unauthorized cards in addition to card sales drew attention.
Reminding that Kart16 was used instead of cash in buses as of May 27, Kömürcü said, “We have determined nearly 300 Kart27 sales points for our citizens for convenience. We warned our citizens weeks or even months ago. We said take your cards. While many of our citizens with responsibilities take their Kart27, some of our non-responsible citizens use cards that do not belong to them. Our teams certainly do not allow these uses and confiscate the cards. ”
In the; Public Transport Cards Belediye Regulation approved by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality; personalized discount and free cards are used by someone else is detected that criminal sanctions applied to the transfer of Kömürcü, citizens warned that such cards do not fancy.
Hasan Kömürcü emphasized that personalized public transport cards should not be allowed to be used by anyone other than the card holder in order not to be punished and not to be victimized, kişisel 1. 20 full ticket (1 boarding pass without discount X 20) price, 2. 40 full ticket (1 boarding pass without discount X 40) price, 3. 60 full ticket (non-discounted travel card 1 boarding pass x 60) is imposed. Penalties are written to cardholders. These penalties will be applied to the Directorate of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems with the written request and the original receipt of the payment. 4. 1 is closed for use during the year and no new cards will be issued within this period. te
Stating that single-use cards will be sold for those coming from outside the city, Hasan Kömürcü said, “Magnetic tickets will be sold at the bus station and the airport. We reduced the price of this ticket from 2,5 to 2.20 by UKOME decision. These are disposable tickets. ” said.
Kart27'de discount card services next to the Ömeriye Mosque Kart27 center, GAUN front of the building next to the overpass, Düztepe / Çamlık Park within the Korutürk / Bosnia and Herzegovina Park, indicating that the coal within, students, teachers, 65 above, martyrs can benefit from the relatives noted .
This week's card sales centers will serve on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, explaining that Kömürcü added that the centers serve in other weeks on Saturdays.

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