Uneasy increase in road safety problem

disturbing rise in road safety issues: Traffic Week Day Hitay TTKÖD President drew attention to the growth of the road safety problem in Turkey: The number of motor vehicles has increased two-fold last year 10. The number of traffic accidents in the last 20 year has doubled in previous years. In the same period, the number of traffic accidents increased by 2,5 and the number of injured people increased by 2.
Turkey Traffic Accidents Prevention Association Chairman Lawyer Hitay Guner, issued a press release due to the start of the Traffic Week. In his statement; transportation, traffic, road safety and in particular stating that traffic accidents on the agenda of every country in underdeveloped until the most advanced, said the balance of this problem and Turkey drew attention to the growing danger of problems. Güner's Traffic Week statement follows:
"In Turkey, urban and intercity roads in traffic jams in the rapid urbanization process, hence a waste of time, air pollution, economic losses, people have come to the alarming climb quickly in stress and traffic accidents.
The number of motor vehicles in Turkey in 2003 9,5 million people, this number increased by approximately twice xnumx't, reached 2013 million.
The total number of traffic accidents in the 1950 year of the 63 from the 20 to the present day is the 43 of the total number of traffic accidents in the first 2,5 year. The graph has risen abruptly and is rising.
1950 million people were injured in a traffic accident in the first 43 year since 1.
While 30 does not care about the a ramp art for the handicapped years ago, complaints are increasing since there are no adan ramps i on the sidewalks. The majority of wheelchair users are traffic accidents.
Although the number of deaths in the traffic accident has declined in recent years, it is still far above the required level.
76 million of our population is the owner of the 25 driver's license. When d active adult ığ population is taken into consideration, the rate is half-half. The number is increasing every year. Similarly, the number of motor vehicles is at a fast climbing rate. Services such as road, operation and inspection are not commensurate with this rate of increase.
When looking backwards, it is clear that the situation is alarming if urgent and sustainable measures are not taken.
The problem is not only the responsible public institutions, but the society together. Our people need to be influential in the tendency of positive action, not complaining and passive.
We hope that the Traffic Week we are in will help to discuss these problems. Um

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