We achieved the World Standard in Road Quality

We catch the Road World of Quality Standard: from 1967 to 2000, 5 thousand 683 kilometers of asphalt concrete in Turkey (hot asphalt) is done, done in this figure from 2000 to 2013 year 6 thousand 819 kilometers of asphalt concrete with a 120 percent increase of 12 thousand 502 kilometers out.
The physical conditions of the highway network are defective and incomplete. It can cause accidents, injury or even death due to the effects of the broken roads, which affect the road holding of the vehicle, making it difficult to hold the tire on the floor and the vehicle shaking and losing the steering of the driver.
Thousands of kilometers of new roads are built each year to minimize these accidents.
AA correspondent, Highways, according to information compiled from the General Directorate data, 2000 thousand in Turkey in 24, 978 kilometers of low-skilled asphalt (surface treatment) amount, according to 2013 data down to 18 thousand 364 kilometers. In the period in question, the highway, which was 6 thousand 614 kilometers of low-quality asphalt, turned into asphalt concrete.
Again, according to the same data, from 1967 to 2000, 5 thousand 683 kilometers of asphalt concrete were made, while this figure increased by 2000 percent with the newly built 2013 thousand 6 kilometers of asphalt concrete in 819-120, reaching 12 thousand 502 kilometers.
- The life of asphalt concrete is 20 years
Selcuk University (SU) Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering President Osman Nuri Çelik, said that 420 thousand kilometers of road length in Turkey.
Steel in the world as well as in many countries of the world, the quality of road quality has increased attention Steel, said:
“Most of the roads previously made were surface cladding. The deterioration period of the surface coating is 3 years. Also, more money spent on maintenance. The lifetime of hot mix asphalt concrete is 20 years. Driving comfort is also higher than the surface coating. Hot mix in the long run; It is better than surface coating both in terms of economy and comfort. Making hot mix roads also shows the economic strength of the country. Road standards are increasing every year. There are big developments in highways. now it made more beautiful by doing evolving financial asphalts in Turkey. We caught the world quality and standard on the way. Recently, our speed on divided roads would not have been increased from 90 kilometers to 110 kilometers without an increase in the standards of the roads. "
Çelik pointed out that the markings and controls should be increased while improving the road quality and said, “It is absolutely necessary to carry out inspections with camera controls and speed detection devices at certain distances. Turkey has the power to do many things in this area, "he said.



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