Road work divided on the Göksun-Elbistan highway

Road work divided on the Göksun-Elbistan roadway: Göksun District Governor Ali Hama Pehlivan and Mayor Hüseyin Coşkun Aydın, Highways 5. Regional Directorate of Göksun-Elbistan road construction work began on the construction of the divided road.
Pehlivan and Aydın received information about the works from the contractor company official Mehmet Eşraf Köseoğlu.
Governor Pehlivan, said in his statement, the road traffic standards will increase with increasing traffic standards.
Pehlivan emphasized that drivers should be more careful and comply more with rules while the standard of roads is increasing, he said:
“Undoubtedly, the biggest share of traffic accidents is human factor. However, the roads' compliance with the traffic safety standard not only demonstrates the sophistication of that settlement but also minimizes traffic accidents. I believe that when the ring roads of Göksun, which is located on a transit route, comply with the road standards, traffic accidents in our district will also decrease. On this occasion, I express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the planning and construction of this road. ”
Göksun Mayor Hüseyin Coşkun Aydın said that the roads of Kahramanmaraş, Kayseri and Elbistan, which are the ring roads of Göksun, will be constructed with 11 kilometers of hot asphalt.
Expressing that they aim to bring very beautiful roads to Göksun with the understanding of the road is civilization, Aydın said, “It is very important for the development of our district of the roads that open to the outside of our district. The works of Elbistan-Afşin road, which is one of the ring roads included in the investment program by the 5th Regional Directorate of Highways, has started. The road, which starts from the road junction and continues to the Feed Industry Intersection, is planned to be completed and put into service within 5 months, together with the middle median, pavement and lighting. ”
Aydin, all the public investments in the district in consultation with the district governor Pehlivan in an effort to enter the service of the public as soon as possible said.



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