Current Status of Rize Teleferik Project (Photo Gallery)

What is the last situation in Rize Ropeway Project: Expropriation works are still going on in the ropeway project planned to be built on the Rize coast. Within the scope of the expropriation activities, the total amount of 480 m2 was expropriated with an agreement with the right holders of the Paşakuyu neighborhood. Thus, the expropriation of the 30 acreage of the 15 acre area to be nationalized in total has been completed.

Rize will contribute to the project will contribute significantly to the Mayor of Rize. Dr. Reşat Kasap stated that the necessary transactions were made with the owners.

Kasap said that they want to realize the ropeway project as soon as possible, ere According to the data we have now, approximately 30 of 15 acreage area has been nationalized. Taking into consideration the views of our citizens, we plan to expropriate the remaining part ız.

But they are going to find a compromise and the middle way to solve the problem, the Butcher said, “Our citizens in the format of cek cheerful president“ in the beginning have really understood us. They began to make necessary discussions with us on such matters. I thank them for their understanding. We are planning to complete the process as soon as possible and start the construction phase of the project. En

Kasap noted that the ropeway project would have a very important place in introducing Rize. Önemli The cable car will be 1700 meters long. Besides its contribution to tourism, it is a project that will facilitate transportation. Approximately 350 will reach the height of the sea. Citizens will have the opportunity to see the beautiful view of our coast and our Riza during the day Vat.